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September 2011, I've started my own company in woundcare for animals at the home of the owner.
I deliver woundcare and materials for all kinds of animals but mostly horses and  dogs.
My background is human woundnurse for at least 6 years in hospital, nurserys,eldery homes and homecare.
And over 15 years experience in woundcare as a teamleader.
During this time I've also taken care of several ( big ) wounds by animals, mostly horses at the stable where our horse stood.

The way I work: 2 possibilities
Option 1:The owner of the animal can give me a call or sent me an email, with a request for consult.
During the consult I asses the wound, prescribe the treatment and when neccesary I supply the bandages.
If the owner wishes I can do the change the bandages each time.
The client pays for the consult, materials and
traveling expenses.
An other possibillity is that I give the client instructions how to change the bandages, I deliver the the necessary materials to them.
So the animals don't have to go to the veterinarian for change of bandage
Can save a lot of stress and they can profit from my knowledge and expertise in woundcare!

Option 2:
Online coaching. Client sent me an email in which he explaines the problem, I take a look at the foto's.
Give them my idea of the needed treatment. Supply them with the necessary bandages and other materials.
For the follow up, the client can sent me an email 2 or 3 times a week with digital pictures of the wound.
Pictures taken with a good quality camera of phone. Taken from the same angle and distance for comparisson.
I can advise them on the treatment and eventualy change the treatment and supply them with new materials.
This works very good!
Also for foreign clients!

I treat wounds the way I was used, and with good results as you can see at the Photo reports ( below) or at the cases or
"fotoverslagen"button and the "online begeleidingen" These are some of the "projects" I'm working on at the moment.
Unfortunatly are the colours somewhat changed by changing PDF to jpeg
In time I'll try to translate all the dutch text on the "fotoverslagen" into English.
But looking at these pages, you'll get the message!

Hope you'll find it interesting to take a look at my site, and when you have any questions don't hesitate to let me know!
Kind regards,
                     Alex Brander

The ointment I use mostly is L-Mesitran, a honeybased wound ointment. Gives great results, almost foolproof!
A tube 50 grams costs € 15 excl. shipping